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Stories about NT graduates.

Veteran political journalist Vassy Kapelos (’00) reflects on her career, time at NT

Vassy Kapelos (’00) has loved politics for as long as she can remember.

Vassy Kapelos 2000 Yearbook Photo

As a child, she would spend her evenings debating policy and current events over dinner with her family. After graduating from NT, Kapelos studied political science at Western University, before receiving a masters degree from Dalhousie University. Now, she’s one of Canada’s top political journalists and the host of CBC’s marquee political program Power & Politics.

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NTCI Speaker Series – September 29, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of journalism. Over the past 18 months, we have turned to journalists for timely, accurate, and relevant information.

Join us for an evening of invigorating discussion on the role of journalism during times of crisis, news in a post-truth era, the ever-changing media landscape, and much more. Featuring a group of Canada’s top journalists and broadcasters who also happen to be NTCI alumni, the event will kick-off with a keynote speech by CBC senior correspondent Saša Petricic (’82). This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by award-winning producer David Brady (’87). Panelists include CP24 anchor Jee-Yun Lee (’91), Global News senior network correspondent Allison Vuchnich (’89), former Globe and Mail dance critic and investigative reporter Deirdre Kelly (’79), and CBC Edmonton reporter Madeleine Cummings (’09). The evening will conclude with a Q+A session with our panelists.

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First-Ever Wellness Fund to Support Student Mental Health at NTCI

Developed in response to Canada’s ballooning youth mental health crisis in partnership with the NTCI Guidance Department, the Wellness Fund will support student mental health and wellness initiatives at the school. These include—but are not limited to—individual counselling with a health professional or social worker, participation in programs developed by organizations providing mental health support to students, or any other initiative which, at the discretion of the Guidance Department, is considered to be effective in assisting NTCI students with their mental health needs.

Here are some examples for how your donation can help: 

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Principal William Mack retires

Principal William Mack announced his retirement from North Toronto today. Mr. Mack has been at North Toronto for the past eight years, four and a half years as Principal and three and half years as Vice Principal. He also served as Vice Principal at Northern SS and Oakwood CI. Before becoming an administrator, he was a French teacher at Bloor CI, Danforth Tech and CI, Eastdale CI, and Winona PS.

We welcome Dr. Jane Lee, from AY Jackson SS, as our new principal.

Slaying An Archivists’ Dragon

For years, I have been on a mission—to wrestle a dragon to his knees—if not to defeat him entirely.

My dragon resides in the N.T. archives, in two shoe boxes and one rather large carton of posed and casual pictures, taken by former members of the Pentagon staff from the 1960s to the 1990s. How little did those students know or care that they were leaving me such a task, when they blithely left behind unidentified, random photos and went on to graduate from N.T.

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North Toronto’s teachers have never been less than dedicated. But for the last nine months, that dedication has meant so much more. Teachers have not only had to adapt to the new normal brought on by Covid-19, they’ve also had to adapt to uncertain schedules, virtual learning, and ever-changing software. Mark Kinoshita (’82)—NT grad, physics teacher, and member of the Foundation Advisory Board—shares his perspective on teaching at NT in the time of Covid-19. 

Adapting to adapting

It was a long March Break.

When the Ontario government initially closed schools for two extra weeks in March, it made sense to quarantine students and teachers for 14 days after returning from vacation. We never expected that break to extend to September.



This is a historic time for staff and students at North Toronto.

Many of the events and rites of passage that we took for granted are not happening. Iconic events like Maytime Melodies, the prom, track and field season, athletic banquet, face-to-face student council election campaigns and voting, graduation ceremonies, and end of school parties are all not possible. Staff have had to quickly engage students in different modes of learning while still coping with their own personal lives. 


Delivering fame and glory

Dan Levy (’02) can add one more (red and grey) feather to his cap. In addition to his many hard-earned successes, he’s lived up to the words of his school song.

In September, Schitt’s Creek won a record-setting seven trophies at the Emmy Awards. Levy, who co-created the series with his father Eugene, personally took home trophies in three categories: acting, writing, and directing. Not bad for someone who says he started to find his voice in an OAC1 English class taught by Anne Carrier at North Toronto.

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Fuel Our Heroes Toronto

Dear NTCI Alumni:

As the Covid-19 situation continues to unfold, members of the North Toronto community and I feel it is necessary that we do our part while healthcare professionals across the country continue to risk their lives for our safety.  

A few of my friends from Dartmouth have created a campaign in the USA called Fuel Our Heroes to raise money for healthcare professionals on the frontline.

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