The North Toronto Foundation

The North Toronto Collegiate Institute Foundation (your alumni association) is a registered charitable organization and has three basic objectives:

  1. to raise funds to assist in financing student projects;
  2. to provide a means of funding so students could have additional opportunities to achieve a broader spectrum of educational activities; and
  3. to promote and encourage NTCI alumni events and facilitate communications with NTCI alumni.

The NTCI alumni association was founded in 1972 as the North Toronto Collegiate Project Fund. The name was changed in 1987 (the 75th anniversary) to the North Toronto Collegiate Institute Foundation. The original officers of the Fund were:

  1. JC Strachan, then principal of NTCI (president);
  2. James H. McMurray, then vice-principal (secretary) ;
  3. Verna Houtman (treasurer).

The current NTCI Foundation Constitution and By-Laws are linked here:

The Foundation funds several scholarship prizes which are awarded at Commencement to reward academic and extra-curricular achievement. During any given school year, we also support worthwhile projects that cannot be funded from normal school resources through our activity grants.

This web site and the annual newsletter (e-mailed to alumni using iContact) are the key tools we use to carry out the mandate for keeping in touch with alumni. We are also key organizers of large reunions such as:

In line with our role as an alumni association we have also undertaken, especially since the 90th reunion in May 2002, to collect, preserve, restore and catalogue the wealth of archival material which the school possesses. Photographs, films, yearbooks and assorted memorabilia need to be sorted through and, in many cases, transferred to another medium or treated to prevent further deterioration. We work with the school’s archivist to identify what needs to be done and then devote some of our financial resources to the task. We also have a small Photo Gallery (by decade) and hope to start the Mystery Photo again.

During 2006-2010, when NTCI’s new building was being designed and constructed, the Foundation participated actively on the design team, successfully raised funds through a three year Heritage Campaign (Red and Grey Spirit Campaign), and worked with the architects, school staff and TDSB representatives to ensure that the new building would include architectural features, displays and archives reflecting the school’s first 100 years of distinguished history. Among the resulting heritage items in the new building are:

  • a historical plaque,
  • inscribed paving stones and furniture amenities in the building’s Heritage Court;
  • the Foundation Boardroom and Archives room;
  • remounted student academic Honour Boards and photos honouring students’ athletic, music and other accomplishments; display cabinets with illuminated displays of heritage items including athletic and other awards;
  • wall-mounted historical photos of previous NTCI buildings and memorials honouring the school’s war dead;
  • an automated scoreboard and NTCI field markings for the new playing field;
  • and the “Wall of Spirit” listing the names of over 300 alumni, parents, staff and students who contributed to the Heritage Program.

The new building opened for classes in September 2010.

We want to keep in touch with as many alumni (both students and staff) as possible. We are now using iContact for the Foundation email system. iContact allows you to update your contact information so that the Foundation can keep in touch. Adding additional information into your iContact profile will allow the Foundation to keep you better informed of special events such as year reunions as well as sending you the annual Foundation newsletter. In addition, these e-mails are archived.  If you wish to help with financial support, that’s wonderful. Click here if you’d like to donate.

If you just want to be on the mailing list, that’s fine too. Please complete this short form with your name and e-mail address. If you have time, please update your profile when you confirm your e-mail on iContact.

Send an e-mail to: with your full mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, graduating year, and maiden name (if applicable) or write us at: NTCI Foundation, 17 Broadway Avenue, Toronto ON M4P 1T7 or leave a voicemail message at 416-393-8585 x 20145.

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