The New North Toronto

the redevelopment of North Toronto Collegiate Institute 2003-2011

“Back to 17” in 2010


  1. A short history of the building (updated Dec 2005)
    Some old pictures of NT from yearbooks.
  2. Towards TDSB Approval
    – some NTCI alumni opinions regarding the re-development
  3. The Feasibility Study
  4. The Design Process: towards rezoning
  5. The Design Process: continued . . .
  6. Post Design, Pre Construction
  7. Construction (to summer 2010)
  8. Demolition of 70 Roehampton (February 2011 to …)

The Tridel project was called Spirit of Success.
It included the school and 2 condo towers called The Republic.

May 2007 – the Tridel sales centre model

December 2005 – current concept of building

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All information on this page has been entered by Mark Kinoshita (NT staff & grad ’82)

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