Midnight Madness – Graduating art show

The Midnight Madness art show is a culmination of the year’s work for the AVI and AWD grade 12 art courses. It represents the hard work we have put in and advances we have made as artists throughout our high school career, and is an expression of our creativity as the class of 2017. The exhibition was designed and executed by the students collaboratively under the leadership of Ms. Marquis. This includes the theme, logo, catalogue, publicity, set up, and opening night itself, which were all completed with great success and coverage by many news outlets including the Toronto Star.

The theme of Midnight Madness was inspired by late nights full of studying, and cramming, and the madness that sets in as deadlines approach. As grade 12 students we endure the constant pressure of reaching our post-secondary goals, but amidst these academic stresses art class continues to be a creative outlet for our anxieties. This show allowed us first hand experience of putting on a professional art exhibition, and taught us not only what goes into these events, but how to do each task. As a student involved in the show I found having our work displayed and appreciated in a show that we organized to be an extremely fulfilling experience. I am very proud of our teamwork, and individual commitment, that allowed for a beautiful final product, and successful opening night. On behalf of all students I am also very thankful for everything the art department at North Toronto and alumni have provided for us students that allowed for this amazing experience.

Eva Boghosian (NT’17)
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