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Events for alumni, including reunions

NTCI Alumni Helping NTCI Alumni for Parkinson’s!

We all know that NT grads are out in the world making a difference. Just as we were finalizing our content for this issue, we received the following inspiring report from Harry McMurtry (’81) and knew it simply had to be shared among the NTCI alumni community:

My first day at NTCI was 40 years ago. These many years later, my connection to the school and its alumni remains as strong as ever. My NTCI roots run deep: I spent five years at the old campus; my mother attended the school as did all five of my siblings; and I keep in touch with dozens of its graduates. NTCI was (and still is) a special place. More importantly, it produces special people.

One of those special people is Sue (Lougheed) Thompson (’83). On May 7, 2016, Sue and I will embark on our quixotic journey from New York City to Toronto to raise money for Parkinson’s research. The walk is the centrepiece of a project called 500 Miles for Parkinson’s, which is also aimed at boosting awareness of this neurological condition. Both Sue and I have been diagnosed with Young-Onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD). We will be joined on the 500-mile walk by Dr. Ross Sugar of Baltimore, MD, who also has YOPD. We created a video to promote the walk (https://youtube/WQSd4KjK4xI). (The video was made before Sue and Ross joined the team.) The walk will be preceded by a launch event in New York City on May 6, and followed by a celebration in Toronto on June 22. To learn more about the walk and related events, please visit our website:
Few schools, public or private, can boast of more successful
alumni than NTCI. I do not think that this occurred by accident. I believe that the values instilled at NTCI serve its graduates well throughout their adult years: pursuit of excellence, creativity, diligence, community engagement, and empathy. All of these values have contributed to the creation, organization, and anticipated success of 500 Miles for Parkinson’s. 
NTCI alumni have infiltrated every aspect of 500 Miles:

  • Financial support: Ian Hull (’81), Janet (Macrae) MacInnis (’55), Andy Filipiuk (’81), Ria (Macrae) McMurtry (’52), James Swayze (’82)
  • Graphic art: Bernice Lum (’82)
  • Volunteer coordination: Kirsten Sixt (’83) and Julie Cowan (’83)
  • Administrative support: Lisa Pen (’82)
  • Organizational support: John McKay (’81), Adriana Christopoulos (’81), Ben Hawkins (’81), Phil Hargreaves (’81) and Geoff Linton (’81) 
  • One of our celebrity ambassadors, Ashley (Nicoll) Holzer, attended NTCI.
  • We are also receiving support from across the continent: Jim Maedel (’81) in Vancouver; and Harvey Levine (’81) and Simon Halls (’82) in Los Angeles.

You too can participate in this undertaking. You can become a sponsor, donate, buy tickets to an event, or volunteer. I believe that participating in charitable activities has concurrent benefits: it advances the cause; it makes your community stronger; it strengthens friendships; and it nourishes your soul. At the very least, it spreads a little of that Red and Grey magic.
—Harry McMurtry (’81)

2016 Maytime Melodies – 70th edition

The 70th edition of Maytime Melodies featured a wonderful performance of Mozart’s Requiem (Friday and Saturday) featuring  Emily D’Angelo (NT’12) who was a winner of the 2016 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions Finals. . The Gala Event on Saturday (the first Saturday performance in a number of years) was hosted by NT graduates and included a song auction in addition to the class glee choirs.

All 3 nights of Maytime Melodies are available (as are the 2014 & 2015 performances) on Youtube:



  • Come celebrate Red and Grey Day at North Toronto with numerous sporting events, the marching band, the athletic assembly, a post game celebration and that famous NT school spirit!  Watch the outdoor games from the stands or from the comfort of the staff room overlooking the field with members of the NT Foundation.
  • Full details will be available on the school website,, shortly and an email will be sent out too!! Please feel free to spread the word and hopefully you can drop by the school.

Maytime Melodies 2016

  • We welcome back the 2015 music grads on May 12 & 13!

Hodgson’s 100th Anniversary – May 13-14, 2016

  • 2015-2016 is Hodgson’s 100th Anniversary year! Celebrations are scheduled for Friday, May 13, 2016 and Saturday, May 14, 2016.


Red and Grey Day

A number of alumni have always attended the Red and Grey game – but now with our own field, the Foundation will be hosting an annual alumni event. Next R&G Day is October 23, 2014!

  • October 16, 2013
    Several Foundation members joined current team members and alumni in the staff room to warm their toes and share stories and refreshments.
    The day featured Soccer, Football and Basketball games, the marching band, and students adorned in their red and grey.
    Look for a more formal announcement in the next Newsletter and an announcement of the next date in the fall of 2014.

School Concerts

  • Fall Fare – Thursday, November 27, 2014
  • Maytime Melodies – May 14, 15, 2015

NTCI Annual Athletics Fundraiser

Following the 100th anniversary golf tournament, a number of alumni decided to make it an annual event!

  • Sunday, May 26, 2013
    Cardinal Golf Club
    $150 including breakfast and lunch
    Proceeds towards our championship banners for the new gym.
    Tournament Poster and information