A Day in the Life of an NT Student

This is the fourth consecutive school year in which the foundation has had the benefit of direct input from current NT students. our student reps enliven our meetings with their perspective and help us keep the purpose of our endeavours fresh and real. We thought you might like to hear from Siobhan Kidd and Riley Scanlan.
A Day in the Life of an NT Student
Subway doors open, it’s time to get off,
You’ll work hard and play hard, to quote Gorenkoff.
You walk up the street, and pick up a green tea.
You thank the barista, and skip off with glee.
Approaching NT, Dan welcomes you in,
He gives you a high five and a great big grin.
You enter home form and you hear Hot Air play,
Your day has begun in a wonderful way.
O Canada blares as you look ’round the room;
You smile as your friendships are starting to bloom.
First period begins, the teacher presents
A lesson about a historical event.
An hour has passed and you start to pack;
You walk down the hall and say hi to prez Jack.
This period is spare, so you look for your friend;
You’ll go to the library and plan your weekend.
Lunchtime arrives, intramurals calls your name,
You grab a couple friends and start a dodgeball game.
It’s almost 3:15, the day has flown by;
Now you’ve got choir, time to sing low and high.
You finally get home, what a long day you’ve had—
No homework tonight, oh boy aren’t you glad?
Another day down, you get ready for bed
You’ve worked hard and played hard, just as he said.
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