This is a historic time for staff and students at North Toronto.

Many of the events and rites of passage that we took for granted are not happening. Iconic events like Maytime Melodies, the prom, track and field season, athletic banquet, face-to-face student council election campaigns and voting, graduation ceremonies, and end of school parties are all not possible. Staff have had to quickly engage students in different modes of learning while still coping with their own personal lives. 

If there is any upside to this pandemic, it has raised the respect and appreciation towards teachers and their role in helping students learn. In some cases, it has inspired people to be creative as they cope and maybe even thrive in these strange times. Hopefully we will look back at this episode in our history and make positive changes and appreciate many of the things that we take for granted.

With things totally different than from any time in our experience, there is great uncertainty as to what the future holds. Our Foundation’s role may be more important than ever. Our thoughts are with the administration, teachers, support staff, students and their parents. With so many traditional events cancelled, we’re focusing on how best to help contribute to the recovery.

Thank you to all our donors and supporters. We could not continue to support the school without your help and generosity.

—Ron Wakelin (’64), Chair, NTCI Foundation

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