Air Marshall Chief Sir David George Evans (’41)

Sir David Evans was a Second World War pilot and decorated senior commander of the Royal Air Force (Britain). Born in Windsor, Ontario, on July 14, 1924, David was educated in Toronto at Hodgson Public School and NTCI.

David joined the Royal Air Force in 1943 and trained as a pilot in Canada. After receiving his commission in April 1944, he flew fighter ground-attack missions and was one of the first RAF officers to enter the Belsen concentration camp.

After the war, he had a rich and varied career with the RAF, where he advanced quickly. In 1977, he became Air Officer Commander-in-Chief of Strike Command, with the additional NATO appointment of Commander-in-Chief UK Air Forces.

Evans retired from the RAF in 1983 to pursue a second career as a director of British Aerospace. His many honours included the CBE, a knighthood (despite the Canadian government’s policy against Canadians taking such honours), and the King of Arms of the Order of the Bath.

Evans was also an athlete of some significance. Most notably, he was the pilot of Great Britain’s bobsleigh team for the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and the 1964 Olympic Games. On another occasion he represented Canada in the Commonwealth Winter Games and won two bronze medals.

Sir David Evans passed away on February 21, 2020.

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