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The New North Toronto C. I.

the redevelopment of North Toronto Collegiate Institute 2003-2010


  1. A short history of the building (updated Dec 2005)
  2. Towards TDSB Approval
  3. The Feasibility Study
  4. The Design Process: towards rezoning
  5. The Design Process: continued . . .
  6. Post Design, Pre Construction
  7. Construction (to summer 2010)
  8. Demolition of 70 Roehampton (February 2011 to …)

  • February 19, 2004 – a community meeting was held at NT to discuss the various options for NTCI – renovating, adding, or rebuilding. The presentation files are available here in their original PowerPoint format or as PDF files. (All file names have been changed.)
    The TDSB presentations:

    – Introduction – PPT format, PDF format
    – Presentation – PPT format, PDF format
    – Status Quo – PPT format, PDF format
    The Crang and Boake / Teeple Presentations:

    – Impact of additional Residential Density – PPT format, PDF format
    – Renovation and Addition Options – PPT format, PDF format
  • January 22, 2004 – the Toronto Preservation Board considered a city proposal to add North Toronto to their list of heritage properties. The city proposal requested that the south and east façades of the existing building be preserved. The TDSB presented a report that they had commissioned noted Historical Architect Bill Greer to write. TDSB Executive Superintendent Sheila Penny presented the argument that the north façade as far more architecturally significant. Ms. Penny stated that the north façade was part of the original 1912 structure while the other sides of the building were added later as imitations of the original. She made the case that the existing building needed to be replaced and that the north façade should be part of the new structure.
    The North Toronto Collegiate School Council/Parents’ Association also made a deputation at the meeting of the Preservation Board. School Council Co-Chair Beth Brown and Community Representative Shelley Laskin spoke about the need to replace the existing building to better meet the needs of the next generation of students. Also in attendance were Principal Ashley Waltman, NTCI retired teacher and school archivist Nancy Baines, teachers Carole Whelan and Marion Lord, NTCI alumnus and historical journalist Mike Filey and architect Steven Teeple.

    The Toronto Preservation Board approved adding NTCI to the list of architecturally significant buildings. They stated that they recognized that there was a need for an improved facility that may require that the existing building be demolished. They hoped that one of the existing façades could be maintained or replicated in the new structure.

    Included below are the two reports (City of Toronto Report and the TDSB Report (Greer Report)) that were made to the Committee.

    To see the pictures that accompanied the Greer report Click Here
    The Greer Report
    City of Toronto Staff Report

  • November 27, 2003 – The community meeting was held at NT today from 7 pm until about 10 pm. The evening consisted of opening statements by (sorry I will correct spellings later) Rauda Dickinson (Superintendent), Shelly Laskin (outgiong trustee), Michael Walker (City Councillor), Josh Matlow (incoming trustee), Sheila Penny (superintendent), Steve Teeple (architect – concept plan). This was followed by tours hosted by students and a question and answer period. There were many reporters and I assume many newspaper articles will be written. Please check the “In The News” link to your left for all newspaper articles found by the Google News Alert system relating to the school.
  • November 26, 2003 – A search on the TDSB website will find documents like this which contains a little background on what has happened to date: North Toronto CI – Disposition of Surplus Real Property and
  • November 18, 2003 – The NTCI Foundation approved the e-mail to all alumni on the e-mail list which includes links to these two views (in pdf format) on the revitalization project:
    Letter from a group known as the “Friends of NTCI” (now includes all names of supporters (Nov 19) – sorry 1 MB in size)
    Response from Sheila Penny, TDSB
    Please feel free to re-distribute both letters. If you cannot read the pdf files, please e-mail me (web page staff advisor) and I can send you the text or Word files.
  • November 13, 2003 – The information session was moved to Nov 27 in the NT auditorium at 7 pm. For more information: The TDSB information flyer can be downloaded from here.
  • October 9, 2003 – A very important information session on the project will be held in the school auditorium on November 5, 2003 (originally scheduled for October 14) at 7:00. An e-mail to parents was sent out – this can be viewed here.
  • Sept 26, 2003 – It appears that Peter Kuitenbrouwer of the National Post has declared war on the re-build of the school – In his recent article Yonge-Eglinton may be site of 45-storey condo towers on Sept 23 he describes a pair of 45 story condos as the plan for the school. He seems to have choosen the most contentious of the concepts which have been prepared to woo developers into the project. Perhaps it is good to get the attention of the community before the Oct 14th Public meeting regarding the school’s construction; however, in his previous piece of September 15, he complains that school is simply in need of repair.
    While personally as an alumnus, I agree with Peter Choi’s(’95) words in the article: “It was all about the building.” – I have a picture of the building from 1912 on one of my web pages and recall talking backstage with the grad stage crew about how things haven’t changed. As a teacher, I feel a little differently when I think of a larger science lab, an elevator, full disabled access, parking for all staff members, a real gym (or 3), a full football field (I was watching game tape today and thinking how great it would be to have home games at home) – but we would lose the pool, the creaky floors and all that history.
    See you October 14th to see how this plays out…
  • Sept 11, 2003 – October 14 is the next public meeting at NTCI regarding the new school (time and room TBA). This summer saw some restoration work on the building’s facade. Toronto Life had an article on decaying schools including NT. The Town Crier had a short feature in the September issue. There maybe an article in the National Post on September 15.
  • June 20, 2003 – Globe and Mail article “School gets a lesson in the value of land”
    Click on link
  • June 16, 2003 – Heads Mtg
    The concept study was due into the TDSB today. Lorne Smith outlined the details of this concept. A general suggested layout was presented which included details as outlined below (June 4). The layout included 3 approx 30 story condo towers at 3 sites – adjacent to the new NT (far NE corner off Broadway), in current NT parking lot (SE corner off Roehampton), and above the French Catholic School (green P location SW of present school). There were 3 parking lot entrance shown – at Broadway (at the present drive way), at the Green P, at the present exit the NT lot. To verify there was enough space in the NE corner for the new NT – a very preliminary plan of the school was created that has a full auditorium, 3 gyms, and the school on 4 floors (no basement).
  • June 4, 2003 – Steve Teeple visits NT staff Meeting.
    The during the feasibility study, Teeple has met with student and staff representatives before developing a number of concept plans. Most concepts see NT built on the NE corner of the field, a full size field running North-South, the French Catholic school on the existing green P parking area and a condominium development in the SE corner of the property. These concepts plans will be used to bring a developer into the project. Ashley Waltman mentioned that staff involvement in the design process would run in March to December of 2004.
  • May 16, 2003 – The Board received 11 submissions for their Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop a feasibility study for a mixed-use development on the North Toronto Collegiate property. Six firms were recommended for the interview process that occurred on May 7th. The Supervisor has accepted the recommendation that Teeple Architects/Crang and Boake be awarded the contract. The lead architect, Steve Teeple, will be part of a design team that begins its work this Wednesday.
  • May 12, 2003 – The Board Committee has recommended an architecture firm to complete the concept plan for the school. (This is not the architect for the building.) That recommendation is going to the Supervisor this Friday. The successful candidate will begin meeting with a design team starting next week. NT staff will be represented by Emila Brittain, Lorne Smith and Carole Whelan.

For Feedback, feel free to contact the school (link below), the NTCI Foundation (, or myself (Staff advisor link below).

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