Attention Class of 2020!

Attention Class of 2020!

The board has just announced that 2020 graduates are now able to return to schools once again to pick up their OSSD diplomas.

If you are a June 2020 graduate from North Toronto CI, we would like to invite you back to the school to pick up your diploma, grad photo composite, yearbook and any athletic or academic awards that you might have won!  Only YOU or ONE FAMILY MEMBER can come to collect these items.  If you send a family member on your behalf, please ask them to arrive with a piece of identification indicating your family name and a letter granting them permission to collect your diploma on your behalf.

Date:  Monday June 21 from noon – 4pm.

Due to Covid restrictions, all parties must wear face coverings/masks and must complete a health screening prior to entering the building.  You will enter the building via the North entrance (just off of Broadway Avenue) and go directly to the Commons (on your left upon entrance) where a staff member will greet you and distribute your items.  You will then exit via the Commons door leading directly outside.  You will not be allowed access to the other areas in the school.

Should plans have to be put on hold based on Toronto Public Health direction, an update will be posted on the school website.

After the above date, any unclaimed diplomas and yearbooks for 2020 grads may be claimed at the main office starting August 16 2021 (when the main office opens for the next academic year).