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Outdoor Rain Project

Students enrolled in grade 11 Visual Art were challenged to bring a little sunshine to the rainy spring weather by creating positive street art-inspired stencils to apply to the concrete outside their school with an invisible  hydrophobic spray.  This means that when wet, the concrete treated with the spray retained its color, while the areas that were not sprayed darkened.   After learning about how artistic interventions could be used to inform or change behaviour, students enjoyed  turning design lessons on typography into  light-hearted inspirational messages to brighten up  the next rainy day of our local community passers by.


The hydrophobic spray  is originally the brainchild of Seattle  entrepreneur Peregrine Church at Rainworks, is environmentally friendly and lasts about three months.

Your 2018 Student Council

President: Adam Barkas

Senior V.P.: Michael Ma

Junior V.P.: Cameron Gilliland

Treasurer: Quinn Spence

NTAA Male President: Ben Chan

NTAA Female President: Emma Skipp

Secretary: Samantha Barton

Social Convenor: Martha LaFontaine

Music Council President: Kamil Mamdani

Environmental Minister: Ensi Cullhaj

Charity for 2018-19:  Forest Ontario

Maytime Melodies

The 72nd edition of Maytime Melodies is May 3 and May 4 at 7pm.

Tickets are $10.

  • available at lunch and afterschool (reserved seating)
  • using Cash Online (search “Maytime”  under TDSB tab) – tickets will be available at the box office on the evening of the concert.

Be apart of the performance. Please play these sound samples during the performance of the North Toronto Electronic Ensemble:

Student Council Elections


  • Maia Sampaleanu*
  • Adam Barkas*
  • Mark Sivolap*
  • Becky Dorsey
  • Alyssa Forbes*
  • Kino Jet*
  • James Davies

Junior V.P.

  • Noor Ajel
  • Kyna Wu
  • Sean Lee*
  • Kate Gilliland
  • Roma MacDonald
  • Cameron Gilliland
  • Maeve Ellis

Senior V.P.

  • Michael Ma*
  • Amanda Morwick*


  • Max Cornblum
  • Eris Gjini
  • Macgregor Milne*
  • Chris Power
  • Quinn Spence
  • Olivia Gottschalk*
  • Emma Childs*

NTAA Male President

  • Ben Chan*
  • Spencer Keith*

NTAA Female President

  • Grace Colley*
  • Emma Skipp


  • Samantha Barton*
  • Zoraise Ahmad*

Social Convenor

  • Martha LaFontaine
  • John Qiu

Music Council President

  • Kamil Mamdani*
  • Adam Markle

Environmental Minister

  • Emma Morris*
  • Jessica Han*
  • Ensi Cullhaj
  • Robert Minnes
  • Shena’s Place
  • Forest Ontario
  • Native Women’s Resource Centre Of Toronto