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Red & Grey Day & Homecoming…

October 13th is Red & Grey Day & Alumni Homecoming.

  • Home Form events in the morning.
  • Spirit Assembly (school dismissed at 2:30)
  • A variety of games are scheduled throughout the day:
    • 8:00 am – Field Hockey – NT (3) vs Humberside (0), tier 1 league game
    • 11:30 am – Field Hockey – NT (1)  vs UTS (2), exhibition game
    • 11:30 am – Varsity Girls Basketball – NT (40) vs CHAT (37), league game (Gym)
    • 2:30 pm – Senior Volleyball – NT (2) vs Riverdale (0), league game (Gym)
    • 2:30 pm – Senior Football – NT (52) vs Central Tech (0), league game
    • 3:45 pm – Junior Volleyball – NT (0) vs Riverdale (2), league game(Gym)
    • 4:00 pm – Field Hockey – NT (0) vs East York (4), tier 2 league game
    • Oct 14 – Field Hockey – NT (3) vs Marc Garneau (0)

For Alumni… visit http://ntci.on.ca/foundation/ for more information

  • Alumni reception in the Staff Lounge (rm 229) 1:00 – 5:30
    • View the games on the field from the comfort of the Staff Lounge
    • Light snacks and Refreshments
    • Meet members of the NT Foundation, Student athletes and Current and Retired staff.
      • Confirmed coaches include: Mr Johnston, Russell, Beckett, Smith and Doyle
  • Self guided tours of the school: check out the glory boards, new trophy cases, alumni courtyard and new facilities.
  • Vintage gear will be available in limited quantities. Better still, why not wear one of your old vintage jackets or sweaters or cap or bandana??
  • The athletic council (NTAA formerly the BAA & GAA) will be setting up a BBQ with hot dogs for sale by the field come and reconnect with old pals and see red and grey day on our own premises!!! Perhaps the 1976 senior football team, celebrating their 40th anniversary of winning the city championship, will make it to the football game and reception!!
  • NTCI Alumni Class (year) Rep Workshop — 4:30 – 5:15
  • An informal Post Game Reception at the Granite Brewery (southeast corner of Mt Pleasant and Eglinton with FREE underground parking!) from 5:00 – 7:30.
  • Hope you can make it to the homecoming!!!! Spread the word!!

TDSB Celebrates Orange Shirt Day – 30 September 2016

Phyllis Webstad, a member of the Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nation in British Columbia, was forced to attend St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School, as her relatives before her. She entered the school in 1973 wearing a brand new orange shirt which was immediately confiscated by the staff and replaced with a uniform. She never saw the shirt again, and began to associate the colour with the traumatic experiences in the school and the loss of language and cultural identity she suffered.

In 2013, Webstad transformed her negative experiences into something positive by creating a Nationally recognized Orange Shirt Day. Celebrated annually on September 30th, this day acknowledges the residential school system in Canada, honours those who survived, and remembers those who did not. It is a day to demonstrate, by wearing orange, that all students matter.

Orange Shirt Day has been marked in schools across Canada in a variety of ways, including Orange Ribbon campaigns, commemorative walks, and wearing orange shirts. Over 6,500 survivor statements have been collected by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, which concluded in 2016 after six years of research and testimonies. Senator Murray Sinclair has stated that “reconciliation must fall in the hands of Canadians, not solely with Indigenous peoples.” Ultimately, wearing orange shirts on 30 September is a visual reminder of our shared past as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and provides an opportunity for dialogue between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in shaping our shared future.

Student Council for 2016-17

The Maddie Project is your choosen charity and your Student Council for 2016-7 is:

  • President
    • Minjae Kim
  • Secretary
    • David Chu
  • Junior Vice President
    • Annie Doane
  • Social Convener
    • Christopher Plant
  • Music Council President
    • Yael Morris
  • Senior Vice President
    • Jocelyn Rough
  • Treasurer
    • Harry Jeong
  • NTAA Female
    • Jordan Wilkinson
  • NTAA Male
    • Jake Ballantyne
  • Environmental Minister
    • Ajantha Nadesalingham

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