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NTCI Mural Competition – voting Oct 19th – 23rd

Starting this week (Monday Oct. 19th – Friday the 23rd) Art Council is running a voting booth at lunch outside the main office to choose this year’s winning-mural design.  All staff & students are invited to cast their ballots for their choice of designs. The mural will be located on the third floor just outside staircase KK on the large green wall. The theme this year is ‘Explore’, with a focus on the subjects that are taught on that floor: Geography, History, Languages, and Social Studies. We encourage all staff and students (especially stakeholders who work and learn on the third floor) to cast their ballot this week.




Submissions due on October 15 in the envelope outside of room 227!*

School Mural Design – Student Vote (Oct. 19 until Oct. 23)

Mural location: Third floor wall next to room 310 (beside Staircase KK)

This year’s theme: Explore


Submission Guidelines:

* Please write your name, grade, and homeform on the back of your submission.

  • You can use your own paper, or the given templates (as long as it fits the dimensions)
  • Submissions should be in full colour

Design Elements:

  • The design should be centered around the word “explore
  • Must contain the word “explore
  • Letters should be in the style of graffiti
  • Dimensions: 4ft by 16ft, or 1:4 ratio
  • Suggested: Variety of colours (rainbow)

Suggested themes and elements to encorporate:

  • GSA
  • Rainbow colors
  • Identity, freedom
  • History
  • Scenes from history
  • Geography
    • Famous landmarks (eg: Wonders of the World, Eiffel Tower, etc.)
    • Landscapes
  • Cultures and Languages of France, Spain, and the Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek)
  • Traditional food or elements
  • Flags, Flag colours, national symbols (eg: Fleur de Lis for France)
  • Social Sciences

See http://ntci.on.ca/moodle/moodle/course/view.php?id=334 for more information and the submission form.

Letter regarding CUPE job action

29 September 2015

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

 We wanted to provide you with an update about job action being taken by theCanadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents school support staff.

 Currently, the union is in ongoing labour negotiations with the Government of Ontario and public school boards. As a result,members of CUPE are taking part in a legal job action that will impact our schools.

 It’s important to note that schools remain open and instructional programs continue to run. During these extraordinary times inour schools, principals and viceprincipals are working together with staff to maintain a caring and positive school environment.As always, student safety and learning remain the top priorities of all TDSB staff, and superintendents are in daily contact with our schools to assess any concerns.

 Today, CUPE (e.g. custodians, school office staff,educational assistants) has started a partial withdrawal of services which includes:

  • Not sweeping entrances and hallways
  • Not doing school compost programs
  • Not cutting grass or cleaning up leaves unless there is a safety concern
  • Not collecting or accepting money for schoolrelated initiatives and fundraising

A full list of CUPE’s directives to its members is available at www.tdsb.on.ca/labour.

 As the withdrawal of services continues, it MAY have a more significant impact on school activities and permits.

 As you can imagine, principals and viceprincipals have had to take on additional tasks as a result of the ongoing job action and we appreciate your patience. During this time, there may be some delays when trying to contact your school office. While we appreciate offers of assistance from parents, volunteers cannofulfill the duties of staff during a legal job action.

For all the latest labour information, visit tdsb.on.ca/labour.

 We remain hopeful that a fair agreement can be reached between unions, the Government of Ontario and public school boards in the very near future.

 Robin Pilkey, Chair 

Donna Quan, Director of Education

Red and Grey Day 2015

Red and Grey Day is October 14th!

Red and Grey Day
Homecoming and Field Day

Come and celebrate the annual school spirit, athletic field day extravaganza on the NORTH TORONTO field and gym on Wednesday, October 14!!!!! Presented by the NT Athletic Dept and the NT Foundation.

Updated Schedule:

  • 8:00 am: GIRLS field hockey vs Leaside
  • 10:30 am: BOYS Senior Soccer vs Greenwood
  • 11:30 am: GIRLS Basketball vs TBA
  • 11:45 am: GIRLS field hockey Tier 2 Friendly
  • 1:00 pm: JR Football vs East York
  • 3:00 pm: SR Football vs Silverthorn
  • 2:30 pm: SR BOYS Volleyball vs Riverdale
  • 3:45 pm: JR BOYS Volleyball vs Riverdale

* the Staff Room lounge ( Room 229) on the second floor and overlooking the field will be available during the day to alumni to watch the games and a chance to mingle with fellow grads and current athletes and members of the NT Foundation!
* a limited supply of NT athletic uniforms/ swag/ sweaters will also be available for purchase along with NT scarves!!

Photo-Retake Day is October 1st

A reminder that Photo-Retake Day is October 1st. (you must bring your proofs to get a re-take)

Students who wish to purchase photo packages should bring the envelopes to the office by September 29 or 30th.