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Getting Ready for our First Days – Sept 17th & 18th

Welcome Back from March Break!

In preparation for our first days of school on September 17th (Day 1) & September 18th (Day 2):

Students should:

  • Have received their timetables by (TDSB) email (sent early this week).
  • Log into Brightspace.
    • All teachers will be using Brightspace or Google Classroom.
    • Try Brightspace first !
    • Check your TDSB email – your teachers may have sent you first day instructions.
      • Your username is your student number. Password Reset Issues? Click here….
    • The NTCI Moodle will being discontinued at the end of the school year.
  • Download the TDSB Connects App for your electronic agenda and updates.
  • Download the NOW Mobile App (TDSB Health Assessment)
  • Join the Guidance Google Classroom for their grade (using your TDSB email address please):
    • Grade 9                qwyh4vg
    • Grade 10              75xj26j
    • Grade 11              aeanavj
    • Grade 12              seanvht

Students are required to wear non-medical face covers/masks or reusable cloth masks indoors on school property.  Schools will provide cloth masks to students, if necessary.

Some Changes:

  • The quadmester timetable can be found here:
    • 8:45 – 12:30 – In class or Independent Learning at home (for Course 1)
    • 12:30 – 2:00 – Dismissal – return home & lunch.
    • 2:00 – 3:15 – Live Virtual Learning (for Course 2)
  • A Full Year Schedule can be printed from here:
  • There are no school photos being taken at this time.
  • The Commons is closed until further notice.
  • There is no cafeteria service.
    • Please bring your own snacks and refillable water bottle (filled at home).
    • Water Bottle refill stations are in the basement and third floor
  • There are only 2 entry points for the school:
      • Grade 9 – Please report directly to the field.
      • Grade 10 – Please enter through the North doors (at foyer)
      • Grades 11 & 12 – Please enter through the South doors.
    • Please socially distance in the line.
    • Please have your QR codes ready at the screen stations.
      • Paper assessments take longer to process
      • Self assessments longer still.
    • There are extra masks and hand sanitizer at the screening stations.
  • Moving Through the Building
    • Procedures have been created to facilitate traffic flow through the building:
      • Stairwells  AA (4) and CC (3) are ascending stairwells (one-directional).
      • Stairwells KK (the internal stairwell bordering the courtyard) and BB are descending (one-directional).
      • Stairwell DD (the stairwell leading up from P1 is ascending only (one-directional).
      • Wide hallways (i.e. the first floor hallway and the gym hallway) can accommodate two-way flow of traffic and directional cues are provided for traffic flow.
      • Hallways on the 2nd-4th floors are designated as one directional and directional cues are provided for traffic flow.
  • Student dismissal will be staggered initially
    • 12:20 for 1st and 3rd floors
    • 12:30 for 2nd and 4th floors
  • Washroom capacity is limited
  • Teachers will schedule class breaks.
  • Sports teams are currently suspended.
  • Clubs are currently virtual. Students are expected to leave the building at 12:30.

Calling All Of Last Year’s Art Students

Calling All Of Last Year’s Art Students
Ms. Withers and Ms. Marquis have saved
your art work and folders from last year.
We have ceramics from the Grades nine, ten
and eleven students along with 2D artwork.
Please come to your old art class at 12:30pm
to pick up your work during the first two weeks of school.
We can’t store it after that so if you want it, come and
get it.