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Account Removal

by Mark Kinoshita -

If you no longer need your moodle account, please contact Mark Kinoshita ( to remove your account.

  • Change Email? You can change your email on your account - log on, click on your name, click on profile and edit.
  • Forgot your username or password? Go to the logon page and follow the prompts...
  • Leaving NT? Please join our alumni mailing list:
    • The NTCI Foundation is your alumni association (
    • We keep you up to date with school and alumni events.
    • We host events on Red & Grey Day and the NT Homecoming (Oct 13, 2018).
    • We fund many of the Commencement awards and host the NT Dragon's Den.
  • NEW in August 2019
    • Add your estimated graduation year, and we will automatically remove your account in the summer you graduate.
    • You should now be able to request removal of your account.

Mobile Moodle

by Mark Kinoshita -

There is an app for that....

  • for the moodle mobile app - use the URL:

The Medical Form - complete and save...

by Mark Kinoshita -

There are many complaints about the number of times the medical form must be completed. Feel free to download a *.doc version of the medical form to complete and save (for each student). Simply print and sign whenever you need.

The medical form is available with other athletic forms are available on the moodle in the "Athletics" section.