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Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) law took effect on July 1, 2014. CASL prohibits the sending of any type of electronic message that is commercial in nature unless the recipient has provided consent first. As a result, NTCI requires your consent to receive any electronic messages which contain advertising or promotions regarding school fundraisers, field trips, the sale of yearbooks, purchasing of student photos, books, prom or dance tickets, athletic events with an entry fee or similar events and offers. 

NOTE: The TDSB may be managing a separate CASL friendly list (click for more info) which will render this mailing system obsolete. We will have more information in September 2014.

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  • The NTparents announcements are from the principal, Mr. Gorenkoff.
    • please unsubscribe when your child leaves the school. You should receive mail several times a month during the school year.
    • All NTparents announcements are archived here: NTparents Archives
  • The NTmusic announcements are from the NT Music Parents Association and/or the NT Music Department.
  • The NTstudents announcements are for grade 9 to 11 students from the guidance office.
    • You should receive weekly e-mails for most of the school year.
    • This list has been discontinuedAll mail will be through the Moodle…
  • The NTgrads announcements are for grade 12 students from the guidance office.
    • we will transfer your e-mail address to the NTCI Foundation mail list (on iContact.com) in the fall.
    • You should receive mail at least weekly in the fall and winter, but less often in the spring.
    • This list has been discontinuedAll mail will be through the Moodle…
  • The NTCI Foundation (North Toronto C.I. alumni association) maintains a mailing list with iContact.
    • To subscribe to alumni mailings (to receive the Foundation Newsletter and information about Foundation activities and year reunions) please go to: ntcifoundation.ca or here

Please do not reply to these announcements, as they are not read.

Instead, please feel free to contact the school directly at 416-393-9180 or by e-mail.
To change your options and unsubscribe, you may also go to http://ntci.on.ca/mailman/options/ntparents_ntci.on.ca/

Note: If you do not receive e-mails from ntci.on.ca, it is possible that your e-mail program, service, or company is treating the mail as “junk” or “spam”. Many e-mail programs will “filter” the announcements as junk mail or bulk mail; and therefore, messages may not reach your “in box”. To avoid this, set your filters to accept mail from “ntci.on.ca”.