WonderCoaster Contest 2004

Here are photos of the winning roller coasters and some of the notable finalists from the
2004 Paramount Canada's Wonderland Roller Coaster Building Contest - May 7, 2004.
There were over 100 roller coasters entered this year (the most ever!), 38 of these were produced by grade 7/8 students.
Canada's Wonderland website - search "Wondercoaster Building Contest" Click here for info about building tips roller coasters for the contest
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Technical Merit - First Place
score = 34.584 million
St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School
(Heather, Kevin, Katelyn, Shaun)
Technical Merit - Second Place
Pipe Works
score = 3.194 million
Richmond Hill H. S.
(Also considered for Park Engineer's Award)

Artistic Merit - First Place
Sand Castle
Glynn A Green
(George, Noah?, Anne-Marie, Jasmine)
Artistic Merit - Second Place
The Reason
North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Junior - First Place
War of The Rings
Glynn A Green
(Matt and Ian with sound from inside the Volcano!)
Junior - Second Place
Tiki Turmoil
Junior - Third Place
Indiana Jones . . .

Junior - Fourth Place
The Amazon

Park Engineer's Award
Wood Works
North Toronto Collegiate Institute
(Fahim, Saviz, Jennifer, Tammy)
Also considered for Artistic Merit
Technical Merit Mention
48 Million - but judges could not get it to work.