WonderCoaster Contest 2003

Here are photos of the winning roller coasters and some of the notable finalists from the
2003 Paramount Canada's Wonderland Roller Coaster Building Contest - May 2, 2003.
Canada's Wonderland website - search "Wondercoaster Building Contest" Click here for info about building tips roller coasters for the contest
2004 Wondercoaster Winners

If you were wondering about loop numbers, the Junkster Photoster had 3 sections of loops consisiting of 13, 15, and 19 loops.  The sizes varied a fair bit but generally the loop sections started with 12 cm loops and then got progressively smaller.  If you're curious about the name of our coaster, the Junkster is due to it's appearance (I know, horribly obvious).  The photoster has an interesting story, in that our first coaster (did not appear at Wonderland) and this second one have a tendency to not work when all the lights are turned off.  We concluded it is the lack of photons when the lights are turned off, and the
Technical Merit - First Place
The Junkster Photoster
(Josh, Will, Johnny and Adam's Creation)
score = 61 million
St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School
Technical Merit - Second Place
Gold Rush
score = 25 million
St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School
Artistic Merit - First Place
Treasure Hunt
North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Artistic Merit - Second Place
Secrets of the Sea
North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Junior - First Place
Monkey Madness
Smithfield Public School
Junior - Second Place
Ocean Commotion
Smithfield Public School
Park Engineer Award
Country Day School
The Park Engineer noted the ingenious construction
and joins between different track media.