WonderCoaster Contest 2005

Here are photos of the winning roller coasters and some of the notable finalists from the
2005 Paramount Canada's Wonderland Roller Coaster Building Contest - May 13, 2005.
There were over 100 roller coasters entered this year (the most ever!), over 40 of these were produced by grade 7/8 students.
Canada's Wonderland website - search "Wondercoaster Building Contest" Click here for info about building tips roller coasters for the contest
2004 Wondercoaster Winners
2006 Wondercoaster Winners
Josh Ramjist's Wondercoaster site

Technical Merit - First Place
Terra Veneficus
score = 11.521 million
Richview C.I.
Technical Merit - Second Place
The Cursed Ju-Ba-Ku
score = 7.185 million
West Toronto CI

Technical Merit - Third Place
score = 6.415 million
Ashbury College, Ottawa!
Artistic Merit - First Place
Candy Coaster
Erindale Secondary School

Artistic Merit - Second Place
Enter the Matrix
Richmond Hill
Artistic Merit - Third Place
Royal Flush
North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Junior - First Place
Treasure Island
Queen of Peace Elementary School
TM score = 8 million would be 2nd place!
Junior - Second Place
Black Widow
St. Mary's
smooth interesting track
Junior - Third Place
Master Mine
Queen of Peace
judges like the wood work and theme

Park Engineer's Award
Candy Coaster (another look)
Park Engineer Runnerup
Garden of Eden
Notre Dame Catholic S.S.
I love the construction!br>
Technical Merit DSQ
Read the rules
- needs 2 horizontal turns
Grade 5 Bridge Competition
First - Technical Merit and Structural Design
Blue Knights
Grade 6 Lift Competition
First Structural Design, Second Tech Merit
Wonder Mall
Grade 6 Lift Competition
First Technical Merit
Elders Apartment Deluxe
An honourable mention
perhaps 4th in the artistic category
I like the way the track is connected!
It is supposed to look broken,
isn't it?
From our neighbours NSS
Great track - needs decoration
I like the way the track is made
But compare to Garden of Eden
The Tech Merit score is way up
but is that a hammer to level it?
Personally one of my favourites
but needs better integration of track
and decoration or more loops
I like this one too,
but it didn't get a lot of attention
Same goes here.
Nice track construction
another amazing Tech Merit score
But it didn't work no matter what we did

Plastic track connections
All copper piping!

Ever After From North Toronto... Black Lung from NTCI Oompa de Loompa from NTCI
The Labrynth From NTCI Under da Sea (broken before May 13) Phantom of the Opera from NTCI
untitled Combat Alley from NTCI Metal Mania