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Grade 11 Physics

Course Code: SPH3U

Kinematics and Dynamics, Waves, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism.

(Try Yenka for optics and waves review)

Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation SPH3U

This course develops studentsí understanding of the basic concepts of physics. Students will explore kinematics, with an emphasis on linear motion; different kinds of forces; energy transformations; the properties of mechanical waves and sound; and electricity and magnetism. They will enhance their scientific investigation skills as they test laws of physics. In addition, they will analyse the interrelationships between physics and technology, and consider the impact of technological applications of physics on society and the environment.
Prerequisite: Science, Grade 10, Academic

The 2006 Mousetrap Car Assignment

A Web Guide to Grade 11 Physics

Chapters 9-11: Light and Geometric Optics
Images - Geometric Optics
Refraction - Regents
Refraction - Glenbrook
Introduction to Green Flashes
Chapters 6-8: Waves and Sound
Sound and Music
sound waves cause the air to vibrate
"Sound" in Space from a Black Hole

Rubens Tube - video powered by Metacafe
Sound breaks glass by resonance
Chapters 12-14: Electricity and magnetism
Magnetism - some info above gr 12 level - but most questions are okay
e/m induction - practice questions as above
Motor, Motor 2, Motor 3 ?
Chapters 1-3: Forces and Motion
Chapter 4-5: Work, Energy and Power
Conservation of energy on a roller coaster
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Mr. Kinoshita
Mr. Mildon

Course Outline
Formula Sheet
Ministry Course Expectations - PDF format

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