WonderCoaster Contest 2009

Here are photos of the winning roller coasters and some of the notable finalists from the
13th annual Canada's Wonderland Roller Coaster Building Contest - May 8, 2009.
There were fewer secondary roller coasters entered this year but around 40 produced by elementary students!
Canada's Wonderland website - search "Wondercoaster Building Contest" Click here for info about building tips roller coasters for the contest
2008 Wondercoaster Winners
2010 Wondercoaster Winners
Josh Ramjist's Wondercoaster site
Quick Tip: Please READ the rules ! This year, as every year, the rules changed - but this time the results were much better.
Most roller cosaters worked - even the high technical merit scores (although the highest scores were only in the range of 13 million).

Technical Merit - First Place
ANTcity - A.Y.Jackson
13.0 million
(14.4 before recalc.)
Technical Merit - 2nd
Snowbound - St. Marys Catholic S.S.
12.5 million
(from Pickering)
Sorry - it's the backside!
Technical Merit - 3rd
iSpace - St. Marys Catholic S.S.
12.3 million
(12.9 before recalc.)
Artistic Merit - First Place
Mario Speedway
Richview C.I.
Artistic Merit - Second Place
Archbishop Romero C.S.S.
Artistic Merit - (another good one)
Black Widow

Junior - First Place
Purple People Eater
Park Avenue P.S.
3.1 million TM score!
Junior - Second Place
War Zone
Park Avenue P.S.
Junior (another good one)
Safari Rescuer
Olive Grove School
(It was also nominated for Artistic Merit)

Park Engineer's Award
Marine Express
Bishop Allen Academy
Marine Express detail
Marine Express detail

From our competition down the street...
Northern Secondary
Can you tell it was my favourite?
Steel Works
Game Time
Also nominated for Artistic Merit and Park Engineer's Award
The Discombobulator
complete with "how it was made" book
Got Milk?
Neatly put together
Each pin has a drop of glue on the end
The track is certainly well integrated into the design! Bathworks
Good thing we test them before we move them!
Jungle Mania
Another Artistic Merit hopeful
Pirate Plunge
AM nominee
with soundtrack!
Gotham City
Final Descent Speed Cubing
in under 30 seconds
The judges liked this one too!
Forest Flight
Elementary - but nominated for AM !
Slap Shot
another Elementary coaster
Game World
common theme
this one is elementary!
Plaque for 2009 (there was a trophy too) Eric Yam (N.S.S.) with his roller coaster being interviewed by CTV. Eric won the NASA's Space Settlement Competition this week. Interview airs on Sunday at 6 pm on CTV. The Globe and Mail says he got the news while working on this roller coaster!