WonderCoaster Contest 2008

Here are photos of the winning roller coasters and some of the notable finalists from the
13th annual Canada's Wonderland Roller Coaster Building Contest - May 9, 2008.
There were about 60 secondary roller coasters entered this year with 31 produced by elementary students.
Canada's Wonderland website - search "Wondercoaster Building Contest" Click here for info about building tips roller coasters for the contest
North Toronto C.I.'s Roller Coaster Page
2009 Wondercoaster Winners
2007 Wondercoaster Winners
Josh Ramjist's Wondercoaster site
Note: Please READ the rules! Many roller coasters were disqualified from the technical merit category because they a) did not work, b) had straight runs longer than 30 cm, c) did not have two 360 degree turns (ie did not go around at least twice).

Technical Merit - First Place
100 Million
score = 102.6 million
Notre Dame College School
65 loops!!!!
Technical Merit - detail
I wondered when this would happen...
2 tracks merge to a single track
to increase the # of loops!

Technical Merit - 2nd
Gold Rush
score = 21.3 million
Richview C.I.
Also considered for Artistic
Artistic Merit - First Place
Vanity Insanity
Notre Dame College School

Artistic Merit - Second Place
Bishop Allen Academy
Artistic Merit - 3rd (no prizes)
Junior - First Place
Palgrave P.S.
Junior - Second Place
The Escape Route
Palgrave P.S.
Junior - 3rd (no prizes)
The Reef
Park Ave P.S.

Park Engineer's Award
Cheezze Coaster
Sir Winston Churchill S.S.
St. Catherines


Vancouver 2010 had LED which lit up as the ball bearing passed

St. Mary's Bumblebee
21 Million but where was the ball? The ones we tried kept stopping before the end.
St. Mary's Kiss of Death
Another high TM score
It's straight runs were 29 cm! But it wouldn't work.
The Armory

up for Artistic Merit
Another high TM score
But it worked only once
Another coaster I liked

Northern SS's Candy Land
Up for Artistic Too. Not enough loops to make it a pick
Beat That
An elementary coaster that I really liked.
High TM score
But read the rules - this has a long straight run as ruled by the judges
Another from AY Jackson
A good TM
I like these AY Jackson coasters
Another good TM

Other Elementary Coasters
Spiderman was a common theme
Other Elementary Coasters
Spiderman was a common theme
Other Elementary Coasters
Plaque for 2008 (there was a trophy too) The featured a special guest!