WonderCoaster Contest 2011

Here are photos of the winning roller coasters and some of the notable finalists from the
15th annual Canada's Wonderland Roller Coaster Building Contest - May 13, 2011.
A big THANKS to S. Chung at AY Jackson for the photos and update.
Canada's Wonderland website - search "Wondercoaster Building Contest" Click here for info about building tips roller coasters for the contest
2010 Wondercoaster Winners
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Josh Ramjist's Wondercoaster site
Quick Tip: Please READ the rules ! This year, as every year, the rules changed!

05 senior_tech_1st.jpg

Technical Merit - First Place
Jersey Turnpike - St. Marys Catholic SS
(76 million points)

Technical Merit - 2nd Place
Monopoly - St. Marys Catholic SS
(70 million points)

Junior Techincal:
Galaxy Ride - Vista Heights School - (5.6 million)
missing: Polar Express - Posts Corners PS (1.3 million)

Artistic Merit - First Place
Curse of Anubis (A.Y. Jackson SS)
Artistic Merit - Second Place
Spongebob (ArchBishop Romero)
Park Engineer's Award:
Left - Secondary (North Park Secondary School)
Elementary - First Place - Artistic Merit
Venom (Lester B. Pearson P.S)
Elementary - Second Place - Artistic Merit
The Patriot (Northlake Woods Public School)
Park Engineer's Award
Junior (Posts Corners Public School [Oakville]
1st Secondary Technical (detail close-up) 2nd Secondary Technical (detail close-up) Final Artistic Selection
of the Secondary Coasters
Creative Highlight: Light, Camera, Action! Creative Highlight: Teleporter Details of Teleporter: Hidden LED light lit up the tracks
The Rollercoaster from Richview CI Details of The Rollercoaster
- Well executed!
High Technical Score: Full Metal Alchemist
Sunflower Fields PirateShip? High Technical Score: Skyline City
(integrated single loops between two double loops)
Junior Coaster: The Colour Coaster Judging Artistic Merit - Secondary Judging Artistic Merit - Junior